Take a look in the mirror. Tell me, what do you see?
Now consider the image that reflects off of me…
As you look for a moment and pause for a stare,
Are you sure that your likeness is all you see there?

For the one in this mirror, though he fits like a glove,
Is made in the image of the One up above.
The outward appearance may disguise what’s inside,
But your actions reveal if the Spirit resides.

Do the eyes of redemption peer out from your face?
Or a look that condemns those whom He’s given grace?
Do you hear with your ears when one cries out in pain?
Does silence resound when His Voice calls your name?

Do your lips speak with truth? Do they talk of His word?
Do lies and deception bring what you deserve?
Do your arms reach for those who are hurting inside?
Do you hold them or scold them while floundering in pride?

Do your hands touch the lives He has asked you to heal?
Or turn from the burdens and the blessings you steal?
Do your feet walk with mercy? Do they move to defend?
Do they stand with resentment? Do they race to offend?

Does the fruit in your life reflect all that He’s earned?
Or a field dry and barren that yields no return?
On the day of your judgment, once again, you will stand.
But the view you will see will be lost to your hand.

Will Jesus agree that you walked in His way?
Or will penalty’s cost be the price you must pay?
God’s Mirror reflects what our eyes cannot see.
As you stand here before me, how now do you plea?


This poem may NOT be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means including mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without written permission from the author, R’chelle Cyrus-Hughes.