I awoke one morn’ with thoughts of you on a beautiful, sunny day.
A gentle whisper in my ear: “There’s so much that you need to say.”
So I took the time to write them down, for words get lost if they’re not found.
Like treasured memoirs kept around, they must be gathered, laced and bound

As I peeked inside the days gone by, a younger me I see.
She’s looking up to one she loves and you’re looking down at me.
You looked oh so lovely standing there as you oh so gently brushed my hair,
You smiled at me and kissed my face and I felt your love there in that place.

I stopped to think of all you gave throughout my growing years.
I told myself that I’ve been blessed and I wiped away the tears.
For a mother’s love, well, most will see but a Mommy’s Love is rare, indeed.
She takes a child, whom God does give, and grows a heart where Love can live.

I reflect upon this present day and the little ones I see.
As I’m smiling down on the ones I love, they’re looking up at me.
So, I brush their hair and I kiss their face and give Mommy’s Love here in this place.
I model all the things you do for I’m trying hard to be like you.

Your love is a peaceful haven… You’re a garden forever green,
Your air is sweet, your grass is soft, your beauty is eternally seen.
You’re my warming place when the wind blows cold, you’re a gate always opened wide,
Your lap is where I lay my head as your heart says, “Come inside.”


This poem may NOT be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means including mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without written permission from the author, R’chelle Cyrus-Hughes.


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