What will you do when the Lord calls your name?
Will you rise to the task or allow faith to wane?
The life you have lived has prepared you for this…
Your failures, your triumphs – see, nothing was missed.

God paved a path to the road that’s at hand.
Now, allow Him to guide you then follow His plan.
Don’t doubt that He speaks if you can’t hear a sound.
Seek Him in faith through His Word where He’s found.

Will you choose to accept what He’s deemed from the start?
Will you choose to live life as a soul set apart?
A job has been given. There is much work to do.
There’s a call on your life. The assignment’s for you.

What will you do when the Lord calls your name?
What will you sacrifice? What will you gain?
Of all He has called, there are none great or small
Who would give up their life for the lives of us all.

Now reflect, if you will, on the call of His Son,
Why His life here was lived, what His death here has won.

What did He do with the call that He faced?
He bore all your sin then He died in your place.

He answered the call for He knew of this day.
Now the question is yours as you ponder which way.
As the fight of your life is now waiting at hand,
Know He’s already won, so believe and just stand!

He called out to Adam to answer for Eve. He was called to account although she was deceived.
The Lord called on Gideon, despite fear and doubt,  who faithfully, patiently led Israel out.
He called out to Ruth who was seeking new life, then called out to Boaz to make her his wife.
He called out to Hannah, who cried for a son. Of the greatest of prophets, Samuel was one.

He called out to David and a kingdom he gained. He called his son Solomon and with wisdom he reined.
He called out to Ezra who planted good seed. He called Nehemiah then moved him to lead.
The Lord called on Esther, whose beauty was great, and used her to save all God’s people from fate.
From Job, to the prophets and all the way through, to disciples of Jesus – yes, you are called too.


This poem may NOT be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means including mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without written permission from the author, R’chelle Cyrus-Hughes.


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