Do You ever close your eyes, Lord, when You think of all You’ve done?
Does Your splendor incontestably proclaim that You’re the One?
Do You ever nod Your head, Lord, when You hear the angels sing?
Do their Holy sounds whisk You away as joyous praise they bring?

Do You ever sing a melody that soothes You when You’re low?
Or dance a little Holy jig in the pleasure that You know?
Does something cause You laughter, Lord? If so, what might that be?
Chuckles from my sovereign God, now that’s a sight to see!

Do You have a favorite flower, Lord? Is there one we have not seen?
Do You hold the light and shape a bloom to form a floral dream?
Do You ever close Your eyes, Lord, and slumber through the night?
Or does the rest You give to us move far beyond Your sight?

Do You ever feel the pain of life and shed a single tear?
Do dismal clouds come near You, Lord, or does sorrow run in fear?
Do You ever feel the loneliness that causes us such pain?
That void that makes us reach for You so life’s not lived in vain.

Do You ever need to step away and pause from all You see?
Does a stroll upon Your crystal lake bring You serenity?
Will You ever share Your secrets, Lord? Will You tell me what You know?
Like how You form a baby born and cause his seed to grow?

Do the animals give You praise,my Lord? What makes the sky so blue?
What day will grace Your Son’s return and bring us home to You?


This poem may NOT be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means including mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without written permission from the author, R’chelle Cyrus-Hughes.


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