You, stepping high and looking quite fine,
The world is your runway as you keep in time.
All eyes are upon you – your beauty, your style.
You’re walking that walk and you’re flashing that smile.
As God gives you favor and doors open wide,
Be careful to guard against arrogant pride.
For the Lord has exalted many a man.
Yet, He’s humbled the same – yes, it is all in His hand.

The path that you follow is not meant for all
As many are chosen but few here are called.
The enemy’s watching. He comes in disguise
With those who are waiting for your compromise.
An assignment’s been given and it fits only you.
His reflection upon you looks great from this view!
He’s standing beside you and cheering you on.
No greater reward has been placed there upon.

Walk straight down that path custom made for your feet
For the catwalks of life lead to those you will meet.
Be strong and be ready, He directs whom He’ll choose
To place there before you to spread the good news!
You, who aspiring young girls look up to,
We’ll see who you are as we watch what they do.
As you model a temple that the Lord dwells within,
You’ll model an image well covered from sin.

We’re held to account for all that we do.
Don’t cause one to stumble as they follow you.
Before all the glamor and pearls that you don,
Explain why God’s ARMOR is first to put on.
With grace and with poise, take His SHIELD in your hand.
Position a faith that allows you to stand.
Let the HAT OF SALVATION envelop your mind,
With the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT (the Word), Sin you will bind.

Model that snug BELT OF TRUTH ’round your waste
With the BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS there in its place.
Step high in those heels for the GOSPEL OF PEACE.
Then PRAY to Him always. No, don’t ever cease.
Stay alert and endure as you pray for the saints.
In all, be forgiving. In all, no complaints.
Your heart will be covered from Satan’s attacks,
His lies and his doubts because God’s got your back !

Then highlight your secrets to life every day:
Teach them to worship as you kneel to pray.
Tell them to ask God for boldness in word.
Now, go share your witness so He will be heard.
You, birthed in Zion, go conquer the world!
You’re a virtuous woman; you’re God’s ‘Covered Girl.’
A High Fashioned Model for Christ you shall be.
So fashion an image of what He will see.

The world’s waiting for you – be bold, stand your ground.
Keep your eyes looking to Him and never look down.
Take your place on life’s stage for His light on you shows.
Sachet into action – go ahead, strike a pose!
Then make way for Jesus, for He’s coming through
With designs to transform you and make you brand new.
Look up all you Fendis and Versaces, too.
You Guccis and Laurens, He’s high over you.

For He is the One who we call on to save
From our sin, from ourselves, and yes, even the grave.
There is none, great or small, who can dare make this claim.
So we humbly and reverently call on His name.
Take a bow, my Lord Jesus, for the honor is Yours.
We’re all here to praise You and raise You. Encore!

May His Veil Be Upon You, May His Grace Shine Down On You.


This poem may NOT be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means including mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without written permission from the author, R’chelle Cyrus-Hughes.


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